Saturday, June 2, 2012

May the Lord Find us Faithful

May the Lord Find Us Faithful

God has not given us the spirit of fear,
But has given us the strength to obey.
With power and sound mind, with love, the unfailing kind,
O be not ashamed of His way.

No man that seeketh after things of this life,
Is a soldier who passes the test.
Be faithful, bw working, be running, be serving,
Be searching His Word for His best.

Living or dying, may honor be Thine,
From this wretched life, You loved and forgave.
A life that is on fire, be only our heart’s desire.
Be faithful from now till the grave.

May the Lord find us faithful,
May His Word be our banner held high.
May the Lord find us faithful
Every day, thought we live, though we die.


Unknown said...

Awesome song! Where can I find the melody, or video?

pink me it's real said...

I used to sing this in my youth! I've been looking for the words forca long time!!! Thanks!!

J.L. Callison said...

You could at least give attribution.

Herbert Persons said...

Unknown said...

The for the lyrics

Unknown said...

Awesome song,

Anonymous said...