Saturday, June 2, 2012

Break Down the High Place

Break Down the High Place

In Israel's time Jehovah God was God alone;
But soon they worshiped heathen idols made of stone.
The high place used to worship God now mocks His holy name.
He's no longer God alone; His people bring Him shame.

In my own life I longed for God to have first place.
But soon my focus turned away from His dear face.
My heart was once reserved for Him, but soon I went astray.
He's no longer was God alone, I was seeking my own way.

Oh thank you, Lord, for loving me although I fall.
Please take my life and use it now I give You all.
I want You to have ev'rything; to please You is my goal.
In my heart You're God alone, my life You now control.

Help me break down the high place once reserved for You.
Help me rebuild my alter and worship You anew.
Help me cast out all thoughts that exalt above Your own.
Help me listen for Your sweet voice so Your will is always known.

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Noselag said...

Keep posting. Glad ive found one . Godbless