Sunday, June 22, 2008

God Makes No Mistakes

God Makes No Mistakes
by: Kim Moore

My life I give to you O Lord use me I pray
May I glorify your precious name
In all I do and say
Let me trust you in the valley dark
as well as in the light
Knowing you will always lead me
Your will is always right

And when someday in heaven above
I see His dear face
May I then be counted faithful
as a runner in this race
Now I’m trusting in the Savior
to show me the way
In His righteousness He guides me
as I seek to please Him day by day

I know God makes no mistakes
He leads in every path I take
along the way that’s leading me to home
Tho at times my heart would break
there’s a purpose in every change He makes
that others would see my life
and know that God makes no mistakes

This is one of my favorite songs. According to A DUSTY FRAME, the composer's name is Kim Buffington. But i checked on our Youth Hymns just this morning. The songwriter lost her fiance shortly before their wedding. This song is an encouragement.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

May I request for music sheet here. It is an encouragement song. I want to play it in our church

Unknown said...

This song encourages me so's an inspirational song for individuals Lossing their hope and faith in God....

Rösshérü ® said...

I love this song so much.

Barb said...

The song has been published by permission
in Praises III
Majesty Music
PO Box 6524
Greenville, SC 29606

Anonymous said...

The claim that the author lost her fiance just prior to the wedding, flew around even as we heard her personal testimony which is contrary to those reports. She did have a very close
campus brother at one college and lost track of him as he left college and she transfered to another. This was written after hearing that he had passed away.